Sunday, February 19, 2012


As I see him from a distance, lonely as he always was. How I wish I could pull him into my arms, hold on to him tight and whisper those sweet words and let it echoe into his ears to give him the warmth he has always desire and eased the lonesome beneath his grieving heart. "You'll be alright. You and I will be alright."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Note to myself

Move on, 


Im just gng to release my anger here since no one wants to hear me out,

first of all i think my mum hates me. everytime i try talking to her, she seems to show no interest in every word i say. Same goes to my dad. I feel that im lacking of attention in this family. My parents only favours my little sister. the only reason why my parents pays a lot of attention to her is cse she's the youngest and also the smartest in the family. My eldest sister, is currently away at college now. I really miss her soo much. I hate staying at home with my family. I want my sister back home. When she's home, everyone seems to be in a good mood. Its like everyone reunites. I love her so much yknw, we have so many things in common, she understands me the most. I tell her every single thing all the time. I used to tell my mum everything though. Since my mum is ignoring me, i have nobody to talk to. I cant really call my sister, she's having her exam week. :/

Other than that, my lovelife sucks. I thought i can get some love from my other half but it seems like he's also stressing out about something else. I feel very lonely without his presence. He's also ignoring me now. I just wish he could take a step back and try to understand that his not the only one going through a hard time. He said he has lots of homeworks and all but tmrw he's going out with his frnds. -.- He cant even spend some quality time with me. Its not fair at all. He said im a control freak but he cant even take good care of me. I tried to tell him this so many time but he refuse to listen. Everytime i do, he walks away. And now he's online. I mean, sometimes i feel that he's lying. Most of the time i feel that he's just bored of me. Well wtvr it is, i dnt think i care anymore. People around me makes me react this way. 

I just need to get out from this house! I want to meet new people. *NICE PEOPLE

I wanna go swimming in the ocean , go skydiving or bungee jumping. I want someone to make me laugh. Most important is, i just want the love from my family and my friends and that boy who used to make me feel alive.